ADHD Living: Keep a notepad

In scouring the internet and asking various individuals what works best for their case of ADHD, I have realized that pen and paper, though simple, make a difference for many people. In the famous case of Richard Branson, when the CEO of “Virgin companies” realized he had ADHD, he began carrying a notebook with him everywhere.

Science has shown that the age old adage of “you ink it, you think it” rings true.

When you hear something, components of the brain pertaining to listening and language are typically engaged; however, upon writing something down, the brain is activated in a different way entirely. In fact, when writing down new information as you learn it, your brain will begin to create spatial relationships between the different pieces of information, filtering out extraneous facts in the process.

Research has confirmed that individuals that take notes, especially good notes, remember more key information when tested.  This is definitely very important information when considering people with ADHD sometimes have trouble concentration, so why not make the most of that time?

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