ADHD Living: Renewing and reviewing strategies

This is likely going to be a shorter post. However, given the importance of the topic, it is deserving of its own post.

So often individuals with ADHD try different plans and strategies for managing their condition, and in doing so some dangerous myths arise. One of these is that if a plan or strategy does not work initially or only for a short period of time, the strategy is useless and should be dropped.

The nature of ADHD implies that it is not uncommon for the novelty and effectiveness of a strategy to diminish, but contrary to popular belief, this does not mean one should arbitrarily quit a strategy.

Instead, clinical psychologist Abigail Levrini recommends that strategies can be set aside and subsequently renewed or tweaked as necessary. This, she argues, maintains a feeling of novelty and freshness for the individual, making the strategy more likely yield positive results.

More myths can be found here.

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