ADHD Living: The difficulties arising with nutrition

Although it possesses the characteristic inability to focus, ADHD is often driven by poor executive function. Executive function is the cognitive function associated with time management, decision making, organization, and planning. Given that these are skills of life that are pervasive, the effects are often felt in other facets, including nutrition.

Individuals with ADHD often will eat in an unhealthy manner or binge eat as a result of their poor executive function. For example, it is entirely realistic for an individual with ADHD to skip breakfast if they’re late in the morning, skip lunch in order to try and focus on work, and binge eat upon returning home. Such a lifestyle often lends itself to poor sleep, which only exacerbates the effects of ADHD, leaving the individual in a loop. This style of eating can also lead to unhealthy weight gain.

For individuals with ADHD, there are some things you can make sure to do to ensure healthier eating.


  • Pay attention to factors that drive you to eat
  • Notice eating and shopping habits
  • Pause frequently during meals
  • Pay attention to all of your senses while eating
  • Be patient


  • Eat breakfast
  • Eat sufficient protein
  • Eat periodically
  • Focus on getting adequate sleep
  • Get support

More information on the topic can be found here.

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