ADHD Science: ADHD remission and cognitive improvement

Recent studies have linked ADHD remission and cognitive improvement. Yes, the idea that seems incredibly simple; however, the relevance of this information is incredibly significant. Presently, the industry at large tries to target symptoms of ADHD. This information may alter that approach, as an improvement in cognitive function would then be correlated with remission of ADHD.

Countless services have been advertised to improve cognitive skills, and there might be some truth to this believe for ADHD children.

You can read the finer details of the study here, which this post won’t discuss. Instead, we will focus on the implications.

The implication of this study is that individuals can target their ADHD from two different sides. By targeting some of the underlying causes of ADHD, quality of life will quickly improve. In conjunction with that, advances in cognitive function could reduce, say, the medication necessary for that same quality of life, reducing the occurrence of side effects in the process.

Again, this isn’t the have-all-be-all, but this could be the future of a multi-faceted neurofeedback approach. This is something that we’d like to see become a reality, and if that’s something you could be interested in, show your support here.

Ultimately, this is an important development, and I hope everyone is as excited about this development as I am.

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