DOT at IoT Conference:
Comparing apples to oranges?

Dear friends and family,

Firstly, if you are new to the list, WELCOME :D. If you are interested, click here to view previous mailings.

The Founder Institute Program finished with a big bang, and you would think I kind of went MIA. Its understandable- it has been over a month since my last update, so I apologize for that!

There is just so much happening behind the scenes, but I’ll let that wait till next time since I do not want to take the focus away from the big news!

I feel highly honoured to have the opportunity to present at Ottawa’s Internet of Things Conference on September 24 and September 25, 2015!

Having the chance to speak amongst leading experts and experienced professionals such as Leo Poll (President of Akendi UK), Jim Boland (Senior Architect at IBM), Emeka Nwafor (Senior Director for Global Alliances) and so many more-


Clearly I would need to ‘UP’ my game by 10+ years in 4 weeks time…

But more than anything else, I would absolutely love for you to be there in support of DOT. We plan on also having a booth set up as well. It’s not only a great opportunity to meet the team behind DOT and get to know us better, but also learn from leading industry experts on how IoT will shape our daily lives, businesses, and governments in the near future.

Below you can find a quick summary:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Have yourselves a great week 🙂

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